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11 – 3 – 2011

On March 11th 2011, a massive earthquake measuring 8.9 struck off the east coast of Japan. This triggered a deadly tsunami pummeling the eastern coast causing great devastation in its wake. With the great losses in lives and destruction as well as the environmental threat of a potential nuclear meltdown, Japan is facing a national crisis and could use every little help that we can offer.

Here are some ways that you can contribute to support the disaster relief efforts of the those affected in this tragic event:
Malaysian Red Crescent Society
Mercy Malaysia
GroupOn Malaysia – Red Crescent Society
Milk A Deal – Red Crescent Society

Other international efforts:
American Red Cross
Causes – Help Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Victims
Google Crisis Response – 2011 Japan Crisis
Yahoo – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami How To Help
Twitter Japan Official Blog

To the people of Japan, our prayers are with you…

きみでいて ぶじでいて – Yoko Kanno

In Retrospect

It’s been an interesting and exciting year for me with plenty of ups and downs along the way. For a start, I’ve tried a number of things which I’ve never done before but I’m glad I did.

I’m a huge fan of Japanese animation and the otaku culture for years but it’s only in the past few months that I’ve decided to enroll in Japanese classes. The classes are still on-going and currently covering the basics and so far it’s been fun.

I’ve also started running marathons and took up swimming. So contrary to popular believe, otakus DO get out in the sun once in a while. Never learnt to swim while I was young, so this is something new to me. My progress ? I can actually sink faster than a rock T_T

Went nuts over Anisong concerts this year. Attended May’N’s concert in KL and Mikuni Shimokawa’s one in Singapore and of course I would never miss the Anime Festival Asia 2010 concerts. It was a blast !

So what’s in store next year ? I don’t know but I’m sure it’ll be another one heck of a year ahead.

Happy New Year Everyone !

More Scenes from AFA 09 !

I’ve uploaded various events and scenes from Anime Fest Asia 2009. On the first day of the AFA 09, cosplayers from Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand vie against each other to win the title of the Best Cosplayer in the South East Asian region. Both the Best Cosplay title and Special Prize went to team 00 Emotion from Singapore who cosplayed as a 1/10 scale of Gundam 00 Raiser with Marina Ismail acting out a scene from the series. Their performance on stage was very well executed especially the last scene with the Trans Am effect ! Check out the gallery for the full coverage.
Anime Festival Asia 2009 Regional Cosplay Competition Gallery


Danny Choo made an appearance later in the same day to give a talk about his life and experiences as an otaku blogger in Japan. He was also here to promote his Otacool book which showcases some of the most impressive otaku rooms from around the world.
Anime Festival Asia 2009 Danny Choo Appearance Gallery


Kaname, a renowned Japanese cosplayer, was invited as a judge for the Regional Cosplay Championship and also conducted a Cosplay tips and interview session. Kaname cosplayed as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 and Kamina of the popular Gurren Lagann anime series during the two day event.
Anime Festival Asia 2009 Kaname Appearance Gallery


And lastly we have photos of the booths around the exhibition area. Above is the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe where waitresses dressed up as super kawaii maids serve the guests. Sadly no photography were allowed in their premises but as a customer I was allowed to have a picture taken with one of the maids. You can check out more Moe Moe photos from Danny Choo’s site.
Anime Festival Asia 2009 Exhibition Booths Gallery

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Was a Blast !

Anime Festival Asia 2009

AFA 09 was a huge success ! May’N and Shoko Tan rocks ! I wasn’t able to post updates during the event because it was a pretty hectic schedule and lugging all my gear around was quite a hassle. Nevertheless I took quite a number of photos during the 2 day event and I’m still halfway through processing them. I’m still pretty excited over the whole event and it was definitely worth every dollar of the admission fee. I will DEFINITELY return for AFA’10 next year ! Be sure to check back soon for the pics and a write up on the event.