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AFA 2010 !

Just got back from Singapore over the weekend. It’s been a blast over at the AFAX. This year’s event is definitely bigger than the last with many more cosplayers around this time. The crowd is just simply overwhelming and everywhere was just swarming with visitors and photographers snapping away at some of the really impressive cosplays. I’m still going through the thousands of photos that I’ve taken and hope to post them up shortly along with my experiences at this year’s AFA, be sure to check back soon ^_^.

Anime Festival Asia 2010 13 – 14 Nov 2010 Singapore

It’s back ! The Anime Festival Asia 2010 will be held on the 13 and 14th November 2010 at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Hall, Singapore. No other details have been released so far but rest assured that I will be updating this space as soon as new information emerges. Hope to see you folks there !

Anime Festival Asia 2010 Facebook Page
Anime Festival Asia 2010 Official Website

Project Trico (must see)


Via PlayStation Lifestyle

From the critically acclaimed designer Fumito Ueda who brought us classics such as Ico and Shadow of the Collosus, Team Ico yet again brings us another instant classic. The new project, simply titled as Project Trico (Ico 3 ? with SOTC being Ico 2?) appears to combine the best elements of both Ico and SOTC. We get a collosal creature which appears to be a mythical Griffin and a innocent child-like character who helps guide the creature out of the maze like castle. Although the Griffin looks fearsome with its claws, it also displays signs of affection towards the child lending to a special bond between the two. The graphics while not complete at this stage still manages to evoke such emotions from the characters which is nothing short of amazing. Ico and SOTC tops my list of favorite games of all time, but Trico is set to join their ranks soon enough.

PlayStation Lifestyle – Team ICO’s Project Trico HD Trailer

Tokyo Game Show 2008

GA Graphic and Kotaku has some detailed coverage of the recent Tokyo Game Show 2008 which ended just last Sunday. Sega, Sony and Microsoft all had huge presense at the TGS. One of the major announcements during the event is that Street Fighter IV will be made into a full feature anime by Studio 4°C who also did the cinematics for its promotional clips. With their stylized animation style and high production value, the movie certainly looks promising. Among the games that I’m probably looking forward to is Infinite Space by Platinum Games (formerly Seeds, formerly Clover of Okami fame). Infinite Space, a DS title, features a sci-fi RPG setting with some truly epic space battles. Hit the links for more indepth coverage.

GA Graphic – Tokyo Game Show 2008 Coverage (Japanese)
Kotaku – Tokyo Game Show 2008
Wired – Hands On Infinite Space
Tokyo Game Show 2008 Official Website

Nintendo announces Nintendo DSi

Earlier at Nintendo’s Media Summit, Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo has revealed the rumour sucessor to the popular Nintendo DS console, Nintendo DSi. The DSi features dual camera, one on the front cover and another on the hinge facing the players and come with a SD card slot along with built in memory. It ships with software for music playback and Nintendo’s own Web Browser and both the touch screen and display screen has been expanded to 3.25 inches. Its scheduled for launch in Japan on November 1st with a suggested retail price of 18,900 yen. Hit the link for more details and photos of the DSi.

DS Fanboy – Nintendo Announces Nintendo DSi

Animation Comic Game Convention 2008 Event Coverage

Dropped by ACGC 2008 on a very packed Sunday. Online games booths dominated most of the event floor space but I gotta admit that ACGC had some of the best looking booths that I’ve ever seen in a while for an anime convention. The number of cosplayers were below expectation although many people turned out for the event. Spotted a few regulars from previous events as well (hi Reno :D and the tomato girl from GACC’08).

Nintendo had a booth showcasing their latest Wii Fit device and also Guitar Hero attachment for the Nintendo DS. I didn’t have my flash handy with me this time, so the photos taken weren’t as good. Check out the gallery for more pics from the event.

Gundam Vs Gundam PSP

The official website for Gundam vs Gundam PSP was just launched last week. This much anticipated PSP title is due for release in November and features all your favorite Gundams from the different series, Gundam 0079, Gundam Seed and even Turn A Gundam. Now you can play out your ultimate fantasy of seeing Ray Amuro dishing it out to Kira Yamato. Orignally developed for the arcade, it features hot 2 on 2 Gundam action, and the PSP version sports adhoc wireless multiplayer modes. This is sure to be a hot title when its released later this year.

Check out their site for some videos of the game in action.

Gundam VS Gundam PSP Official Site (Japanese)

Half Life 2 D0g Papercraft

Via Kotaku

Check out this impressive papercraft version of our favorite robotic sidekick from Half Life 2, Dog. Created by 4chan user chamoo232 who is said to have taken 50 hours to create this paper replica. Sadly the building instructions were not released and the link on Kotaku appears to be dead. You could still see the large version of the image above via Kotaku’s link below.

Kotaku – Papercraft Half Life D0g is Amazle

Gunota Headlines closing down

Long time premier Gundam source Gunota Headlines is finally calling it wraps after almost 5 years citing time as a major factor for the closure. Gunota has been my main source of fresh Gundam news for as long as I can remember since they were one of the earliest around with decent English translation and frequent updates. So long Gunota, thanks for all your news all this time.

DannyChoo member CVPhased mentioned that a new Gundam site is up to fill the gap left behind by Gunota. Check it out here: GundamNews.

Animax Youth Festival 2008

Animax Youth Festival 2008

Venue: 1 Utama Shopping Centre (High Street)
Date: 8 – 10 August 2008
Time: 12 noon – 9 pm

Animax is organizing their Youth Festival this weekend over at the 1 Utama Shopping mall. There will be cosplay events, gaming tournaments and stalls selling anime merchandise. Seventeen Magazine will be having a talent search for the Hottest Animax babe as well, so looks like its gonna be a real lively event. Below are the event description copied from their official site. I’ll probably be heading for this event this weekend, so see you folks there.

  1. Entrepreneur Corner
    • Top 5 entries from the Animax Entrepreneur search will be setting up their innovative business ideas at the booths provided by Animax.
  2. Seventeen Magazine Talent Search
    • Set up with professional white screen, lightings and a magazine cover shoot photographer, Seventeen Magazine will be searching for the Animax Hottest Babe who will win the chance of a lifetime spread on Seventeen’s Magazine!
  3. Create your magazine cover shot
    • Take home your own magazine cover as public will get to take a picture at the Animax Cover Page booth and have it printed out like a glossy magazine cover!
  4. Animax Screening Lounge
    • Chill out at the Animax lounge after grabbing your snacks and watch what we have installed for you.
  5. Gaming Console Competition
    • Teams will fight it out at the PS3 games with attractive prizes to be won!
  6. Cosplay Competition
    For any costumed attendees, this will be the chance to showcase their favorite character and stand a chance to win the following:

    • 1st prize: RM 1000 + trophy + Animax goodies
    • 2nd prize: RM 700 + trophy + Animax goodies
    • 3rd prize: RM 500 + trophy + Animax goodies
  7. Japanese Snack Street
    • Delicious Japanese snacks will be on sale, just like walking down the streets of Japan.
  8. Artist Alley
    • Selling original creations by artist e.g. buttons, badges, purses, stickers, bags, t-shirt designs etc

Animax – Youth Festival