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AFA 2010 !

Just got back from Singapore over the weekend. It’s been a blast over at the AFAX. This year’s event is definitely bigger than the last with many more cosplayers around this time. The crowd is just simply overwhelming and everywhere was just swarming with visitors and photographers snapping away at some of the really impressive cosplays. I’m still going through the thousands of photos that I’ve taken and hope to post them up shortly along with my experiences at this year’s AFA, be sure to check back soon ^_^.

Anime Festival Asia 2010 13 – 14 Nov 2010 Singapore

It’s back ! The Anime Festival Asia 2010 will be held on the 13 and 14th November 2010 at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Hall, Singapore. No other details have been released so far but rest assured that I will be updating this space as soon as new information emerges. Hope to see you folks there !

Anime Festival Asia 2010 Facebook Page
Anime Festival Asia 2010 Official Website

Avatar (2009)

Caught Avatar in 3D last week. For 2 hours and 40 minutes, I was IN Pandora. I’m sure by now you’ve heard all the hype about it and I can tell you that it’s mostly true. 3D cinema has come a long way. You simply cannot believe how immersive the experience is.

[minor spoilers ahead] Avatar is an epic scifi fantasy tale of humans mining the planet Pandora for a precious mineral called Unobtainium. Pandora is very rich in life and home to natives known as the Na’vi. An ex-marine, Jake Scully, in a twist of fate, was chosen to take part in an experimental project, Avatar, which allows him to remotely control a Na’vi body grown using both human and alien DNA. He was tasked with gaining trust among the Na’vi people with hopes that he would be able to find a way to relocate the natives peacefully to make way for mining the rich unobtainium deposits. At the same time he was also providing crucial intelligence to the head of security of the corporation that he works for should his “diplomatic” ways prove ineffective. As Jake learns more about the Na’vi’s culture through Neytiri, a powerful native whom he first met, he becomes entranced with the Na’vi’s way of life and soon decides to protect the Na’vi from the invading forces.

Avatar is a breathtaking piece of work. From the musical scores to the soaring alien landscapes and unique life form, James Cameron has definitely outdone it again. I’d highly recommend watching the movie at least twice to capture all the details in the film. A MUST-WATCH for 2009.

Blood : The Last Vampire Live Action Movie

The live action adaptation of Blood the Last Vampire anime is finally getting released this summer. The movie stars Gianna Jun of My Sassy Girl game, Allison Miller, Masiela Lusha, JJ Feild, Koyuki  and is directed by Chris Nahon with action choreography by Corey Yuen.

From the producer of HERO and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON comes BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE, based on the cult hit series. Demons have infested the earth. And only one warrior stands between the dark and the light: Saya, a half-human, half-vampire samurai who preys on those who feast on human blood. Joining forces with the shadowy society known as the Council, Saya is dispatched to an American military base, where an intense series of swordfights leads her to the deadliest vampire of all. And now after 400 years, Saya’s final hunt is about to begin.

The trailer looks awesome with some really cool CGI effects and action choreography. Based closely on the original  Production IG’s animation, the live action movie features Asian leading casts with mostly Western supporting casts and still keeps most of its dialogue in English. With an R rating when its released, this looks to be no holds barred vampire gore fest sure to satisfy fans of the vampire/horror genre.

CatSh*tOne Trailer


Caught this cool trailer for the anime Cat Shit One : The Animated Series. It’s Metal Gear Solid meets cute furry bunnies. Produced by Studio Anima and directed by Kazuya Sasahara, Cat Shit One was based on a original manga by Motofumi Kobayashi. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Japanese brings you camels toting Kalashinokov. View the full trailer below:

Official CatShitOne Series Website

Warner Bros. set to Bring Death Note to the Big Screen

Via Variety
Warner Bros. recently acquired the rights to bring the anime/manga hit Death Note to the big screen. Screenwriters Charley and Vlas Parlapanides will be adapting the movie. Death Note follows the story of a college student who stumbles upon a mysterious notebook which allows the person wielding it to kill anyone merely by writing its name with the person’s face in mind. Warner Bros. Picture Japan previously produced 2 movies from the manga series and a spinoff of one of the main characters of the series “L”.
Death Note will certainly be an interesting adaptation. To many, its the battle of wits between the two main characters rather than the supernatural element of the story which draws in the fans. There’s no word on the casting of the leading roles but its sure gonna be hard finding an American actor who would fit L’s profile :P

Variety – Warner brings “Death” to big screen

Full Metal Panic .. the musical ?!


Via Slashfilm
Mandalay Pictures has recently acquired the theatrical rights to the live-action movie version of the high-school action comedy anime Full Metal Panic!. Full Metal Panic started off as a novel which was later adapted to manga followed by 3 anime series with the latest one released in 2005, Full Metal Panic : The Second Raid. The story revolves around a covert mercenary agent, Sagara Sousuke who is tasked with protecting a high school girl named Kaname Chidori who possesses some mysterious knowledge. Mix a high strung uptight military guy with a head strong and high spirited school girl in the same class and you get an explosive combination… literrally. The series is known for its accurate portrayal of weapons and mech action.

Zac Efron of High School Musical fame is rumored to be interested in the leading role of Sagara Sousuke. I’m not sure if this is a good call considering the original character in the series is someone who’s war harddened and more mature. Zac might fit well in the high school setting but not really someone you’d expect piloting a mech or breaking a terrorist’s neck off. Oh well, the Transformer and Robotech rights are already taken up, so someone just gotta pick this up right ? So where’s my Gundam movie already ?

Slashfilm – Mandalay Acquires Rights to Full Metal Panic Movie – Mandalay Picks Up Rights to Full Metal Panic Movie

Keanu Reeves set play Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop !


Via Hollywood Reporter
Twentieth Century Fox is all set to bring the live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop to the big screen with Keanu Reeves playing our coolsome hero, Spike Spiegel. Cowboy Bebop is a sci fi anime classic set in 2071 where space travel is made possible with “astral gates” and features lots of exotic locales as our motley crew of bounty hunters pursues their bounty across the solar system aboard the space ship “Bebop”. Keanu “Whoa” Reeves may have dabbled in many sci fiction flicks (Matrix Trilogy, Johnny Mnemonic, The Day the Earth Stood Still) but I really doubt if he could pull off the role as Spike as many also believe that he is flatter than our 2 dimensional hero.

Also on board for the project are associate producers Shinichiro Watanabe, who created the series back in the 90s along with Kenji Uchido, president of Sunrise Studios. Of course, when we talk about Cowboy Bebop the first thing that comes in mind is the brilliant soundtrack of the original series. There’s no word yet if Yoko Kanno will be on board the project but let’s keep our fingers crossed that she’ll be able grace us with her masterful scores for the movie.
Hollywood Reporter – Fox hunts down ‘Cowboy Bebop’
The Escapist Magazine – Keanu Reeves Staring in Cowboy Bebop Movie

Akira Movie Update

Akira reports that the Akira movie will be adapted into 2 movies based on the original 6 volume manga. Irish filmaker Ruairi Robinson will be making his debut directorial feature with the first time screen writer Gary Whitta as previously reported. The original Neo Tokyo setting has been Americanised to New Manhattan instead. I’m sure the fanboys are already up in arms with this switch. Leo may have the budget for the movie, but having first timers helm the project is risky and I personally think that the movie would only work out well if they could recapture the cyberpunk feel of the original movie. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one. – Akira Movie Update

Dragonball Movie is Officially Ruined

This is not exactly fresh news but to those who have yet to watched the trailer, here it is:

From the looks of the trailer, the movie seems to revolve around that few backdrop over and over again, the China town setting and that mysterious temple grounds and/or ancient ruins. Fans are already complaining that it does not look anything like the original Dragonball franchise and the casting still takes some getting used to. The trailer doesn’t seem to impressive to me. Watching Chow Yun Fat in this trailer somehow reminds me of his Bulletproof Monk role which incidentally was also adapted from a comic book. Dragonball the movie begins screening worldwide on the 3rd April 2009.

Source: – Dragonball Expo Trailer